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remember a bit over a year ago when I said how much I was looking forward to being disappointed in obama?

well, mission accomplished.

I had a minor epiphany on Thursday though, which was that as annoyed as I am with his...well...basically being the centrist corporate stooge that I've thought he was from the get-go, if we were dealing with president mccain right now instead of president obama, the current debate in the senate wouldn't be about health care - it would be about whether to annex peru. so, like, things could be worse. at least the fights were having are the fights we should be having - even if they aren't going terribly well.

I realize that Centrist Corporate Stooge vs. Insane Corporate Stooge is a false binary and that there is a limitless range of other options, some of the better of which involve retraining oligarchs to be responsible members of society.

but the best rationale I could ever come up with for obama was "he'll get us all killed a little slower than the other guy".

and that seems to be working out just fine.

timko says

Dec. 10th, 2009 06:07 pm
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"emergency backup rabbi - in case of wedding, break glass"
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if you're a brian eno fan and have an iphone, back channel me your email address. I have something to send you.
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nobody puts baby at the coroner's.
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friends of abi will be sorry to hear that, after a multiple month long struggle with kidney problems and a several week long struggle with some kind of cancerous thingy, she passed on this morning.

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an ipod for an ipod
a bluetooth for a bluetooth
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anyone out there going to Oregon Country Fair this weekend?
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"so what does an oral medicine volunteer do exactly?"
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I've been disappointed about a number of things, and even in this case, I feel on some level like "talk is cheap, but how will it translate into action?".

still and all, holy shit this is a good speech.
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according to the wikipedia page on steven soderbergh:

He is developing his next directing effort, a 3-D live-action rock musical film based on Cleopatra's life, with Catherine Zeta-Jones in talks to play Cleopatra, and with music by the band Guided by Voices.

nose army.
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[ profile] arguchik: has any ex-president ever been appointed to the supreme court before?
[ profile] glaucon: yeah. taft.
[ profile] rrspike: that taft, he sure was one bad justice.
[ profile] glaucon: shut your mouth.
[ profile] rrspike: I'm just talkin' 'bout taft.
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"tossing morris's meat"
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